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18 November 2019

The origin of the Xtabentún is thought to be the balché, ceremonial liquor produced by the Maya and from which, with some modifications, the Xtabentún arises.

Its original flavor is very strong so it was not liked by the conquerors who added anise and thus make it more pleasant.

This drink of Mayan origin is made based on honey from bees fed with the fermented Xtabentun flower by adding rum or aniseed liquor.

A Mayan legend tells that at one time there were two very beautiful Mayan women: Xtabay and Utz-Colel.

Xtabay was a very enamored woman and had a very good heart, but Utz-Colel was very cold and hated the poor.

Upon death, from the tomb of Xtabay emerged beautiful flowers whose perfume is pleasant and incomparable.

Some time later Utz-Colel dies full of hate. It is said that he sometimes comes back to life taking the form of Xtabay to deceive and make men fall in love and lose them at night.

The meaning of Xtabentún means "vine growing on the stone" or "morning glory"

The most usual is to serve it alone, with an ice or just cold. Due to its organoleptic characteristics, such as anise, it can be taken as a digestive, accompanied by a good coffee.

Despite being a little known drink has begun to gain followers in Europe, Asia and North America.

Do not miss the opportunity to try this legendary drink; You will be delighted.

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