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«Whitexicans»: Why my racism is «good»

20 January 2020

Undoubtedly we live in a society with a high degree of racism and discrimination.

Even though science has denied a series of myths and beliefs regarding the superiority of one race over others or racial purity, skin color, nationality, language or sexual preferences remain absurd excuses to awaken the I hate people. Although the opposite is often thought, racism ironically does not discriminate: belonging to a non-vaccinating minority against the exercise of discrimination, and in any case, racism is unacceptable.

However racism also seems to have become an easy excuse for victimization and the avoidance of responsibilities.

In Mexico, those who usually feel discriminated against feel very comfortable using an insulting appellation for those who discriminate against them (it is understood that they deserve it): “whitexicans”, who, according to the activist's logic, deserve to be discriminated because they have always enjoyed of a privilege ... and every privilege is bad.

It is curious that being a country whose inhabitants are mostly of brown complexion there is a perception of racism in the workplace. If a passer-by is asked why he is not employed or was fired, the answer will be: "I think it was because of racial discrimination."

Nobody is going to say: "by inept, because I committed a fraud, because it was not what the company needed", and it is understandable. No one would want to become a bad reputation as a worker, and whoever has the opportunity to give a personal opinion on the reasons for his dismissal, it seems that he will accept some responsibility for such incident.

The real problem is that many people really believe they are discriminated against, are unable to recognize their responsibility or lack of expertise to perform a particular job or activity. If discrimination were really a determining factor in firing or hiring someone, no one in our country would have a job.

I insist: discrimination and racism in our society is not a minor thing, but it is not how many pseudo-activists present it. In any case, racism should be a racist problem. The work environment is undoubtedly hard, competition is becoming more fierce every day, and precisely because of that, it is the quality and commitment to our work that speaks above arbitrary attributes such as race or gender. The problem exists, but there is little to pay for oversizing or using it as an excuse to cover their own deficiencies over which each individual has control. For all human beings there are obstacles to overcome, and each one has to develop the tools and resources to adapt to the environment, preferably based on what is in control.

There is much to banish racism from our societies, perhaps it is something we can never achieve one hundred percent, but at least we can keep it out. However, the path to that goal does not cross discrimination that today has the dominant role, on the contrary. If someone uses the word "Indian" as an insult, it is undoubtedly reprehensible. But it is worse if the recipient of that word of TRUTH feels insulted.

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