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Rodolfo Riva Palacio Alatriste, from «A film of eggs» to increasingly successful projects

2 August 2019

To write about Rodolfo Riva Palacio Alatriste is to take on the task of trying to summarize a long curricular trajectory that interweaves the stage of studies and academic preparation with the development of simultaneous projects and that has had the ability to coordinate multiple professional facets. Whether as an announcer; as Director of Cinema and Theater; as Screenwriter and Writer; as a Theater Actor, TV series or dubbing; As a Speaker and now focused on his most recent Project, Virtual Film Master, he has had successful results thanks to his dedication and commitment, not only with himself but with the public.

Graduated as a Bachelor of Science in Communication at ITESM, Campus Querétaro, he acquired the Master in Film Direction and Screenplay from the American Film Institute of Hollywood, California, USA and the Master in Semiology of Daily Life from the Institute of Semiology in the then District Federal, today Mexico City.

Laborally speaking, his collaborations with renowned transnational companies have been multiple, such as videos, commercial, educational, institutional, musical and entertainment, including some projects for the Presidency of the Republic.

Talking to our interviewee, he told us that his career was always directed to the cinema, specifically in the area of ​​script and direction, while his brother Gabriel had studied and carried out projects related to animation. Rodolfo wanted to fulfill his dream of making a live action movie, but the opportunity did not present itself. It was then that his brother Gabriel proposed to carry out a project together.

The Riva Palacio brothers then create a Website with Latin humor “ ”. While they were thinking about the characters that would appear in it, they came to the theme of breakfast: rancher eggs, drowned eggs, divorced eggs, fried egg, etc. - “And it was then that we came up with making them eggs, then my brother and I started writing sketches and making the voices (together with a friend Fernando Meza). We created the Company with Carlos Zepeda and my Father Rodolfo Riva Palacio Velasco and on 2002 we aired on the Internet with the Project. We changed the name to and to our surprise it was a great success without precedents. That immediately caused different market products to be made and we started looking for the film project. ”

“I had taken script courses and little by little I met people who helped me. I finally met Eckerhardt Von Damm, who was the Director of Videocine at the time. He gave us the first opportunity and that is how we made “An Egg Movie”, which became a success ”.

"Huevocartoon has more than 130 active employees, but in its history it has had more than 500 different. The society is still the original, Carlos, my brother, my father and me."

"We have an excellent production team commanded by Nacho Casares and we have opened an office in California where I meet to seek foreign investment and commercial business with the United States."

“In the animated cinema we have 8 films, 4 premiered and 4 in production. We are developing a live action movie and personally I have the project already in operation of the Virtual School of Cinema called: Master of Cinema. ”

We asked him who are his favorite actors to work on his projects, Rodolfo told us: “I love working with everyone. I have had close relationships with each of them. It is difficult for me to answer who my favorites are because everyone is excellent at what they do. What I can tell you is that we have been close to people like Humberto Vélez or Mario Filio, Bruno Bichir, Angélica Vale, Carlos Espejel, who have participated in all the films we have made. We also made a close relationship and incredible friendship with Adal Ramones and Omar Chaparro, whom I deeply admire for his talent and human quality. We have been fortunate to have the talent of great actors and personalities that I have always admired as the teacher Eduardo Manzano or Jaime Maussán, or the talented and incredible person Maité Perroni, Los Mascabrothers, Jesús Ochoa, Facundo, Darío T Pie, Sergio Sendel, Ninel Conde, María Alicia Delgado, Mayra Rojas, Ariel Miramontes. We have also worked with El Diablito and with great actors and friends of dubbing such as Rubén Moya, Juan Frase, Hector Lee and apart I have had the great fortune that my wife Mónica Santacruz and my daughter Dione Riva Palacio also won their respective castings and I They gave the pleasure of seeing them work in leading roles for my films. What else can I ask for? ”

But, returning a little to the trajectory of our interviewee, which as we mentioned before, we try to summarize by his extensive work as a screenwriter, producer, director, and that long etcetera that includes apart from Huevocartoon, the creation of more than 500 animated shorts 2D for the company's website, exclusive cartoons for TV Azteca, more than 35 animated intellectual properties and Live Action. As for the Cinema, the aforementioned "A Film of Eggs", "Another Film of Eggs and a Chicken", "A Rooster with many Eggs" "Martians Vs Mexicanos", "Huevitos en Fuga", "Un Gallo Frozen", while that in Pre-Production there are two more projects.

His participation in Television has been divided between Mexico and Los Angeles California, as co-writer, actor, co-director and co-producer of various programs.

In Theater he has been the creator of several theater groups, among which 2010 Clowndestinos stands out to date. He has written 5 plays, directed around 15 and performed in more than 20 staged. In addition to having a stand-up show with which it has been presented in different places of the Mexican Republic.

Rodolfo Riva Palacio has also distinguished himself as a successful Speaker, he has given more than 150 Conferences throughout the Republic, both in Schools and Companies, highlighting his presentations "Entrepreneurship with Eggs", "Creativity with Huevocartoon" and "Human Types".

He is the creator of a YouTube Blog called “Eggs to the Cinema” that has more than 2 millions of visits, more than 22 thousand subscribers and more than 700 videos.

His most recent Project, "Virtual Film Master" is a virtual school in which the user can learn from how to appreciate a feature film to how to direct, produce and write a film. It is very interesting to enter the site and learn through videos the different facets of cinematographic art.

Next, we leave the different social networks where our dear readers can come to know more about our gentle interviewee, who kindly agreed to share with us his passion for everything he does, providing the public not only with comedy films, but with entertainment , conferences that lead to analysis and reflection, fun through your Blog and the magnificent opportunity to learn the serious aspect of cinematographic art through the Virtual Master of Cinema.


Rodolfo Riva Palacio Alatriste

Eggs at the cinema


Rudolph the egg

Eggs at the cinema


Rodolfo Riva Palacio

Eggs at the cinema


Rodolfo Riva Palacio Alatriste



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