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Social networks: The marketing of our private life

28 August 2019

It seems that our personal life is a product that needs to be sold, the target audience is our family, friends and some strangers of diverse interests. To start with the sale of our product it is important to open an account and choose a name, it can be a real name, of a famous artist, as your parents call you dearly and if you are mine, you will invent the name of a hero extraterrestrial, something that starts with Super.

Many new users fill in all the information that is asked of us, as if it were our biography, the one that thousands will buy. Impossible to skip the name of the school in which you studied and the year in which it happened, so that they do not confuse you with another generation, you also have to take some time adding your favorite movies, the books you have read, the sites you have visited and if Do you have a partner or are single in case your soulmate accidentally opens your account, I know one or the other who thinks he sees his soulmate in the accounts of all the beautiful girls, all of course you have to send a “hello”, maybe one of several think the same of them.

Once the account is out, we must build our client portfolio, the funniest thing is the search for old customers, those who used to buy your product when there were still no social networks, or were too young to open a Twitter account for yourself. In any case, Mom creates it for you, as if you were aware that society exists.

Finally comes the raisin of the pancake, the videos, photos and memes that will form the memories that flow free on the net. A photo of the breakfast with a title like “breakfast of champions” or “that is how we started the princesses day”. It is very original and suitable to start the day, one of the sunset to show that we are not routine and as very few we can admire the wonders of nature, another in front of the mirror please, a moving photo, a video of the concert and the important Selfie with motivational phrases.

How beautiful are the social networks "bring us closer to our loved ones", those who lazily do not strive to go see in person. No one would dare to think that social networks are not innocent, nor that they expose us to anyone who wants to harm us or to companies that in fact do sell products of which we are the consumers ... oh! Wait, I'm going to click on this travel ad that just appeared on my account.

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