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Who creates jobs in a country?

9 September 2019

Governments do not create jobs, not beyond those required for the function of their operation, which by the way should be at a minimum. Jobs are created by entrepreneurs, mainly micro, small and medium, in a smaller proportion, the large. In Mexico, the first segment contributes 75% of jobs to the total workforce; The second the rest.

The participation of governments, in the area of ​​employment, should be aimed at creating and fostering favorable scenarios for employers: reasonable interest rates, fair laws, lower bureaucracy, less paperwork, understandable and easily enforceable tax laws, clear tenders and , above all, transparent.

The dissatisfied by nature will raise their voices and complain about the support requested for this sector, they will probably refer to entrepreneurs as voracious and insatiable characters, but they stop taking the full reading, a large part of Mexicans are, we are entrepreneurs, because The definition includes everyone who starts something, no matter the size of your operation, if it's only you in your kitchen preparing sweets or running a company with hundreds of workers, both one and the other are entrepreneurs. The second mitigating factor is that if you are not an entrepreneur, your work is most likely the result of one of these initiatives, you have an income because there is someone who takes risks every week and keeps your source of employment afloat.

Helping the emergence, support or growth of an entrepreneur means supporting these, the entrepreneurs, but also the families that depend on it, means distributing wealth in a more equitable way. A country with an extensive and solid business layer is a strong country, one that has the possibility of offering its citizens a good standard of living.

Let us not forget then that the entrepreneur is the one who sells burritos to the 5 in the morning outside the maquiladora, the one who makes ice creams, even the one who with effort generates 2, 3, 10 or 100 jobs and that every Saturday his main concern is to gather The payment of his people. He does not seek gifts, he does not seek to enlist in electoral programs, he only knows how to work and all he asks is a flat floor.

In Mexico historically, being an entrepreneur has been a race, one of resistance, of perseverance. The businessman in our country, little complains, little demands, does not do it because he is busy working, commitments do not wait, Saturday's payroll does not wait.

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Comments (3)

"... you have an income because there is someone who takes risks every week and keeps your source of employment afloat." That phrase is tricky. It can also be stated in the opposite direction; You have a heritage because there is someone who strives week by week and keeps your company's assets afloat.
The entrepreneur is voracious by nature, does not share the gain of mutual work "generating jobs", but instead benefits from the collective effort unequivocally usufructing the resulting product. Otherwise, the cooperatives, where each worker has an equal share of the earnings for everyone's work. That scheme, of course, terrifies the businessman.


The text, as I understand it, refers to who starts the cycle, if there is no one who raises there will be no employment, you are right about the employee value, both are, but I think you interpret it from a radical friend position, the entrepreneur generates it, not the government, but you went the other way, Your opinion is loaded ... they don't talk about workers, they do it about government.


Eduardo's excellent writing ... I read it and I BELIEVE it ... I am an entrepreneur and I definitely stay with this: «In Mexico being an entrepreneur is a race of resistance and perseverance .. I can't agree more!

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