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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These are the questions we receive most frequently.

What is «The Writing»?

It is an independent writing platform, where people can write freely as long as their writings are of positive value to the audience. We want to transmit knowledge and diversity of thought.

Who is behind «The Writing»?

General Director: Luis Miguel Godínez Castilla.
Operations: The Remedy Creative Kit.
Content: More than 2000 editors and counting. In Mexico and Latin America.

What is Albo and why do we use it?

Or It is a payment platform that allows us to send money in minutes and without commissions. Thanks to this technology we can pay the royalties to our editors regardless of where in Mexico or the world they are, in addition you receive a debit card and $ 100 pesos when opening your account.

Are payments made with cryptocurrencies?

For people residing in Mexico, payments are made in national currency (pesos), for editors in another country, payments will be made with the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

How long is the review of the articles?

10 business days.

Do I receive any notification when my article is reviewed?

2 are types of notifications you will receive. The first in case your article does not comply with any of the guidelines of the platform. The second when your article is published. In case of not receiving the first notification it means that your article has been approved.

What are the modalities of editors and what is their difference?

Commercial Editor - Write articles sponsored by brands.

Freelance Editor - Receive monthly royalties during the time your article is published $ .10 Mexican pesos for each visit your article receives - Estimated publication time 15 business days.

How can I grow my earnings as a freelance copywriter?

Sharing the web address of your note published on your social networks and / or instant messaging. The more people you invite to read the more profits you will get.

What other benefit do I get from the platform?

«The Writing» is an excellent channel to show your work and writing style, if you want to become a professional editor this can be your portfolio and cover letter.

How can I get quick attention to my doubts?

Write us a message from WhatssApp by clicking here.

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