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Why you should see "Kardec"

8 october, 2019

What is the spirit? The intelligent principle of universe.

Allan Kardec

When we hear the word "spiritualism" our mind evokes images of people around a table, objects that move and surely the presence of demons that deceive the participants who then pay with their lives. However, it is fascinating to discover that these images that a single word recreates are a mixture of reality and fantasy added by the enemies of this doctrine.

The Netflix movie titled Kardec portrays the foundation of this doctrine we know today as "spiritualism", also closely follows the life of its founder whose first name was Hippolyte Léon Denizard Rivail, who was born in France on October 03 of 1804. This historical character is the one who later takes the name of Allan Kardec to write the books that would shape the French spiritualist society. Of course, the publication of the books generated controversy and the church rejected and forbade its believers to access them. However, the search for a new way of seeing life, allowed these beliefs to spread throughout the world, even reaching Mexico, where one of the main founders of the Spiritualist Society of the country was the brother of Justo Sierra, Santiago Sierra .

It is important to mention that although spiritualism includes flying tables, mediums and contact with beings from beyond, it has nothing to do with the diabolical idea presented by their adversaries. It is a doctrine based on scientific studies carried out by its founder, they are not conjectures made at random, defends the belief in reincarnation because life or incarnation is only a learning process, and on the other hand it does not reject the belief of God but what interpreted as a supreme intelligence in the universe.

All this leads me to think about their similarities with the religions of the world, since it seeks a better understanding of our reality and raises like other religions, the need to love, forgive and live peacefully. I also discover in this doctrine similarities with Buddhism, since both defend the existence of reincarnation and the certainty that the spirit or conscience transcends, while the body is only a means for it to manifest itself. In the Judeo-Christian religions we call this transcendental essence soul, but unlike spiritualism, we do not have so many opportunities to learn, if you fail there is no extraordinary one, hell or nothing awaits you.

That's why we watch the Netflix movie; Kardec is worth it, it is not just a biography, it is the opportunity to discover other ways of interpreting the universe and the existence of being. It is an opportunity to start our own search for the answers to the questions that every human asks himself. Who are we and why do we exist? According to the spiritualist and even the Buddhist vision, we will continue to return again and again until we learn what is necessary to reach a higher level. We may well spend thousands of lives to discover the truth, but maybe watching a movie like Kardec could inspire us to stop wasting time and start a spiritual quest that brings us closer to the truth of this mystery we call the universe.

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