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For you, Merida of me

15 June, 2019

Merida, the place full of experiences and experiences. From the simple story of a kiss of true love in the confident chairs, to the great stories of battles for the Conquest of this land, it is, without a doubt, something that we cannot miss.

Merida, I thank you for those little details that humans give us. Thank you for that loyalty and tranquility that you give us every time we step on your place.

White City, as your inhabitants support you for your neatness, for your constructions of white purity tone that inhabits you, today I thank you for existing.

Thank you for those magical flavors that you give us, that you make us delight. Those dishes such as Cochinita Pibil, ceviche, lime soup, Tikin Xic fish, desserts such as papaya candy or just a good Xtabentún with honey or directly in coffee. Flavors that wherever I go, your memory will accompany me.

Image: Merida in history

I will always remember those beautiful moments from when in Merida I fell in love and no, not just a person, I fell in love with experiences, an unforgettable trip. It was four days that I will never forget. From Friday night, walking the streets of Paseo Montejo. I remember it well, in front of the Cathedral of Merida, with images projected on it, it was nothing more and nothing less than the theme of Sacred Stones, telling me the beautiful story of the place. A projection full of exquisite colors, divine magic. Saturday enjoying a Mexican night, listening to music like Yucatecan trova and some mariachi, while the aforementioned Xtabentún accompanied us. In addition, a night full of laughter, hugs and even kisses that could not be missed. Sunday morning enjoying with my buddies, the stalls full of food, drinks and everything else. Finally, at night, our last night, a delight of French fries, banderillas, a few beers and then we started dancing. That moment was the glory and more, with what I love to dance. I saw how everyone, despite not knowing each other, even among the inhabitants, danced without stopping, among all, as if the same music made us find. Without a doubt, one of the best nights of my life. I, a person who loves their traditions and roots to live this means a lot to me, it causes nostalgia and pride to be able to belong here.

I am not part of you, MeridaBut if I could change everything I would be part of you, I would take a shower every day. You are that place that I have been looking for since I was born and look, who said it, that the place that I dreamed since I was a child, I found it in my own land, I thank you so much Merida for existing, I thank fate for allowing me to go, for allowing me to live.

I will remember you forever.

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