Norma Angélica Valenzuela Cázares: the tenacity made woman

Norma Angélica Valenzuela Cázares: the tenacity made woman

Norma Angélica Valenzuela is a tenacious woman with a lot of push and grip to achieve her dreams. It is known in the middle of Dance, Music and Theater as Norma Valenzuela / Angélica Cázares; In addition to his talent, he emphasizes his gift of communicating and teaching the art of these cultural disciplines both in Mexico and in the United States and Spain.

Angelica's long road was forged in the family. His father, the renowned Music Teacher Elías Valenzuela, left his hometown, Nieves, Zacatecas, to settle in the border city of Reynosa, Tamaulipas to practice his profession, being this town bordering with southern Texas the place where he was to form a large family of musicians in whom he instilled a strong discipline and exalted human values.

The resources in the home were sufficient so that there will be no lack of roof, food, clothing and studies but not enough to be assigned to activities outside the necessary, therefore the idea of ​​investing in private classes in dance, music and theater, very interesting interests rooted in Norma Angelica, it was out of context. Because of this, our interviewee chose to have a professional degree and graduated as a Bachelor of Biology, venturing into the workplace that would allow her to settle her studies in the field of fine arts.

In this way, following his most intimate vocation, he prepared himself with determination by taking a series of courses, workshops and diplomas of both Theater and Dance and Music that led him to practice as a Master of Musical Artistic Education in Secondary Schools, activity of which recently retired after 30 years of service.

Angelica Cazares, with a solid discipline, knew how to manage her time in the teaching profession, carrying out important cultural projects in the State of Tamaulipas and southern Texas, in the United States, for many years, a path that would lead her to be invited to collaborate in the Brass Academy Aliante in Spain, an important institution of high musical studies and considered today the reference of study in metal breaths in Europe, thus taking advantage of their stay there to study a Higher Degree in Dance Pedagogy at the Superior Conservatory of Dance in that locality of international prestige.

That love for the fine arts and its pedagogical vocation have led Norma Valenzuela / Angélica Cazares to an endless struggle for the overcoming of perfection in both music and dance and theater, that passion has driven her to a continuous preparation through courses, diplomas, workshops, in which the theory is applied simultaneously as she is the creator and founder of different cultural movements in her home state and making presentations of the aforementioned disciplines in both International and National Festivals achieving great satisfactions and numerous awards to her work.

Tenacious and perfectionist woman, she has not let herself be struck down by the obstacles she has encountered in her path, she wisely takes the experiences and applies her own experience in solving and overcoming the circumstances, carrying out the objectives proposed.

Thanks to the above, the need to project and disseminate their knowledge in the creation of art exploration groups with children and young people, creativity laboratories and theater production has always been in search of the excellence that has given him together with his students, he has been part of large projects in both the Russian Classical Ballet world schools and the Academy of Music in Alicante, Spain.

That inexhaustible vocation and her generous ability to give and share with her students the wonderful world of art has led Master to the enormous satisfaction of feeling how children and young people she instructs are transformed, how she touches their souls and changes their lives. How, many of them, follow in their footsteps through the different branches of art and this fills their spirit with emotion, because with much enthusiasm and joy they communicate the achievements of their disciples and impel them with their example to not cease in the study and improvement of his discipline.

Angélica Cazares tells us in this interview the great joy she feels when she sees that one of her students, Alexsandra Varela Villarreal, obtained the Study Scholarship for the Russian Masters Ballet 2017 Course, receiving special mention from Master Natalia Pavlicova, Director of the Conservatory of Ekaterenburg, being one of the five selected from more than 300 participants for this scholarship. Last July she became Reynosa's first young lady, Tamaulipas, to step on the prestigious Vaganova Academy in St. Petersburg, Russia, this summer 2019, being one of the 100 selected among the most 800 applicants.

The life of Norma Angélica Cazares Valenzuela is a guide of light, it is a tangible sign that dreams can be achieved, not in the romantic sense of expression, but through daily struggle, continuous learning, the application of the knowledge and the projection of his own experiences in others that feed him and in turn impel to undertake new paths, in spite of his more than 30 years of cultural works he continues in that search of overcoming studying now to acquire a Higher Degree of Pedagogy of Dance in Alicante being once again a source of inspiration for its students and followers.

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