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Mérida, city without equal

29 December, 2019

Most people identify the status of Yucatan, for its pyramids and paradisiacal beaches, but few are those who have been fortunate to know the beautiful ancestral capital, that's right, I'm talking Merida, a beautiful colonial city, full of culture, good customs and above all tranquility, for me one of the best cities I could visit.

I fell in love with the colonial architecture that is appreciated throughout the historic center, the large and beautiful haciendas transport you back to antiquity, and the service and friendliness of its inhabitants make you feel confident and loved.

And those are not the only reasons why I would like to go back to vacation there, also the gastronomy is one of the best that I have tried, the cochinita pibil, is simply unmatched and I say it just to say it or look good, in other states, I ordered it in restaurants and they did not have that flavor that characterizes the cochinita, and not to mention the marquesitas that they sell in all public squares and parks, thanks to these delicacies I went up a couple of kilos, but what did it matter was on vacation.

So I did not limit myself to buying in every position I saw, and what to say about the famous first sorbets I thought they were like any carafe snow but nothing to see, in the square I tried them there was only corn and coconut flavor , I did not want to try the first one of corn, I thought that the coconut was the best, but then they convinced me to try the corn and was amazed, I can not even describe it really have to try ...

During the days I was on vacation I realized that it is not a place where only their customs act, the old ladies really do live their typical dresses all the time, they speak their language almost all the time, and of course like every good tourist I dared to ask about some words, how they were said or what they meant, although some of them I forgot.

I learned too much from that beautiful place, I took false or erroneous ideas that I had and discovered the wonders, part of my memories in my memory and photographs I bought a bottle of Xtabentún the honey liquor, original drink from there, they told me the legend that there is About that drink, I would not finish telling everything I learned and lived there, and that I still have a lot to know, I hope to return soon because as I said it is an amazing and beautiful place.

Merida I'll be back soon for more!

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