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RAM What is it and how does it work? (without so many technicalities)

23 October, 2019

We have all heard about the famous RAM, both for our computer equipment and for our cell phones, but many of the people are unaware that RAM is really, what its function is and why it is important.

Normally they know or understand that the more RAM memory is better or "my device goes faster", and yes, in some way in very general and basic terms it is; and here we will try to explain in a very simple way what a RAM is and how it works.

The acronym in Spanish means Random Access Memory, in English RAM (Random Access Memory), and in simpler terms it is like a USB, which can store diverse information with the difference that such storage is temporary, only while the processor needs it when we access an application or put our computer or mobile to do any task whatever. As soon as we close the application or the task, the information stored in the RAM memory is automatically deleted to be available for a new task; This memory is very important for the processor, since it is like your support booklet to do tasks. As a simple example, let us consider that the processor is a student that we are going to put it to make a sum of several figures, while solving this sum needs something to temporarily point values ​​in what the operation continues to do. Well, RAM is that "something" where you temporarily store those values ​​and delete them later to write down new values ​​as required. This is how a RAM works, only at very high speeds.

Once we understand how it works now it is clearer to understand why when we have a small memory and open several applications, our computer or mobile slow down. That is because of the little RAM that is available. It fills up fast and you must free and fill at high speeds the few spaces left by the apps we are running. It is for this reason that when we are going to acquire a computer, we must take into account so that we will use it since if it will be for design, image or audio then a good RAM memory will be needed, if its use will be for basic tasks then it will not be necessary so much RAM, and the same happens in mobile phones, the more RAM, the better the mobile's performance for several tasks at once.

I hope it has become clearer that it is a RAM, what is its function, in addition to how important it is.

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