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The new generation

23 September 2019

The books ceased to matter to most people.

Technology has supplanted books, but I do not say that social networks are bad, of course not, I even use them, but what I mean is that the taste for reading, the pleasure of going to a bookstore and Buying a book is running out.

That is why I intend to try to return that taste for reading.

How? Easy, in each publication or writing I make, I will talk about a different book or a different saga and tell you why they are good to read.

My name is Rouse and I will share with you the books that have been part of me and I have fallen in love and Claro if you have a book that you want me to talk about, I will leave my mail to send me the name of the book.

Well, that's all from me.

Bye now.


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