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The island with the best sunsets is in Mexico

7 october, 2019

The island with the best sunsets. Having packed a towel, sunglasses and sunscreen we left very early to take the bus that crosses the hotel zone of Cancun and takes us to Puerto Juarez. Once there, we board the ferry that will take us to Isla Mujeres. The ferry ride is approximately 30 minutes and you can do it:

1) Open sky.

-It allows you to enjoy the wind, the sea and the unparalleled landscapes of the Mexican Caribbean.

-It is a good option if you travel alone, because you will always have the opportunity to make new friends since the festive atmosphere lends itself to it.

2) In the inner part of the ferry.

-There are comfortable seats and large windows.

-You can relax and listen to your favorite music while enjoying the view, watching TV or buying snacks.

-Of course this part has air conditioning which will allow you to travel comfortably if sunning yourself is not your thing.

It should be noted that in «Island» there are all types of vehicles but the means of transport most used by local people are motorcycles (due to the size of the streets and the distances are not very long). You will have the option to rent a bicycle or even a golf cart. You can also walk or board a taxi.

Once we arrive the plan is to make the most of our day. For this, it is best to take a tour that allows us to know the most representative places of the destination. As a suggestion, it is better that you arrive early as there are many people looking for this service.

So revealing yourself a bit will prevent you from running out of the opportunity to take your tour. We board the boat and our travel To the south of the island. The guide tells us that the ancient Maya came from the continent with the purpose of honoring Ixchel, goddess of the moon and fertility. They offered him as a tribute statuettes in the shape of a woman.

This journey had a special meaning for women because it represented their passage from girl to woman. There were so many offerings that were given to the goddess that, some time later, the Spaniards ended up baptizing her as "Isla Mujeres". Here we could see the temple dedicated to the goddess.

Image: Aquaworld

We advance on the sea a few more minutes and we arrive at our second stop: The Manchones reef. They provide us with snorkels, fins and life jackets. We dive into the adventure. The water in this part is so clear that it allows you to see fish from colors that swirl around the coral. You can only smile with happiness because it is a very pleasant moment.

The last stop is a visit to the underwater art museum; also know as MUSA. It was created in the year 2010 and is an out-of-the-range museum because (as the name implies) here the works of art were submerged in the seabed. We had the opportunity to see the sculptures in which marine life also abounds. The tour is worth it because it allows you to know the history of the place and enjoy its important sites. We do not miss the opportunity and try the culinary delights of this part of the country. We decided on a fish a la Tikinxik and shrimp with garlic mojo. Of course we accompany with a delicious craft beer from the region.

Once the tour is finished we take the opportunity to North Beach. Whether you go with friends, couples or family is an excellent option. It is an extensive beach of white sand and so soft that it almost looks like talcum powder. The sea with that color that characterizes the Caribbean extends along the coast and the best thing is that there is practically no swell. It's like being in a pool, you can walk to enter the sea and the water does not level up. Is incredible. While Cancun and Riviera Maya are true paradises, I can tell you that the most beautiful sunset is that of Playa Norte. Just look around to realize that it is a magical moment. It seems that everything stops and people do not look in any other direction than the horizon. It is an experience that you have to live.

Of course, Isla Mujeres has many other beauties, but we'll talk about that in another post. This time the time has come to return to Cancun. We boarded the ferry again and returned to the continent. Gone are the palm trees, the long beaches and the always friendly and smiling people.

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