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Joker masterpiece or movie?

8 october, 2019

In recent years we have seen the superhero cinema grow, we have cried with them, we have been moved and without a doubt, the pockets of the big producers have grown relentlessly.

I was part of that since the beginning of these huge productions and therefore could not miss the premiere of "Joker"But when I left the room a question echoed in my head, if they had used an unknown character, would the film have had the same impact?

I think, and I risk being attacked by the fanatic, saying no; the story is none other than one already seen in so many other works: man against society or man against system, I can mention Taxi Driver and Fight Club as good references.

So why the impact of this film? For the address certainly not, since Todd Phillips appears very occasionally and does not feel genuine, as if he had seen 70 cinema and wanted to emulate what was achieved by the great filmmakers of those times, he definitely lacks expertise, the ( wonderful) interpretation of Joaquin Phoenix seems to take the director's camera that reacts only to what is unfolding in front of him. Heavy work was taken in postproduction, which undoubtedly largely rescued the film.

I will not get scripted because there is much to say about that, both good things and its obvious failures.

Perhaps after all, and as the film itself demonstrates in its development and its media impact, people end up perceiving what they want and interpreting it as their little or much experience in life makes them understand.

In the movie (SPOILER ALERT) we see a mentally ill person react to a stressful situation and an entire city looking for him in the icon of a political and social movement that he could not care less about himself; In real life, we see a movie generate debate and expectation through a theme and development that we had seen before, but that sounds novel "because it had not been done in the superhero movies."

I do not want to say that I did not like the movie, because I enjoyed it, but it is true that it lacks to be the masterpiece that many presume, it is a good step in the current Hollywood cinema (although it takes things from years ago in its search for innovation ), but it is not the water part that marks a before and after in modern commercial cinematography.

If you want to talk about cinema, watch more cinema.

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