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Fat me?

11 March, 2019

To what extent can lead us a bad habit?

We have good and bad habits that affect each of our actions. One of the ones that afflict us the most is the food. We are reflected in "fatness": fat stored in our body or obesity.

It is true that it may be a health problem (which should be checked with a doctor), but in most cases it is a bad eating habit that does not respect age, color, or social status. Many times it leads us to feel bad about ourselves and others, to feel that we do not fit into a fashion world made for thin people and we get so bad that we eat compulsively, even knowing that we are hurting ourselves.

Image: Living Healthy

As a defense mechanism we use phrases when they tell us that we are doing badly with our eating habits: whoever loves me has to love me like that. How many phrases do you use to answer a good or bad intention comment?

How many times we have proposed to make a diet and never complete it, whether we become depressed or do not reach 15 days.

It is difficult, "very difficult" to lose weight, but not impossible, as long as we take the good habit of eating at our times, what to eat and what they always tell us, to exercise - walk, run, swim.

Image: Informative Plane

I was fat and I tell you that it does work to know how to eat, so it can. If your problem is not due to illness, it is only a matter of changing your habits and you will see that those clothes that you like so much to get super tight, will look just as tight but with better taste.

Let's take the good habit of eating well and acquiring new ones that leave us something positive. Although it seems repetitive, let's not forget it, so give it to him. Summer is waiting for us and we have to look good!

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