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Fobia and Bronco team up to offer the first Silent Concert in Mexico

15 November 2019

Plaza Condesa was the setting for the first Silent Concert of Aspirina Sound Off in Mexico, in which Bronco and Fobia merged their styles to generate a totally different experience.

The presentation was totally new, both for the groups and for the attendees, since through wireless headphones that the public received in the access, the guests could choose which of the vocalists to listen to: Lupe Esparza and children or Leonardo de Lozzane, which resulted in a fusion of novel styles and versions that made all attendees vibrate.

This Silent Concert was inspired by the Silent Parties, parties that have become a trend around the world by proposing a different way to enjoy live music, because, although everything seems to be silent, attendees can actually listen to different music on The same event through wireless hearing aid technology.

The night organized by the brand Aspirin It started with Fobia, who after interpreting several of his most famous pieces received Bronco to sing together "Microbito".

While both groups were accommodating on stage, the indication of putting on the hearing aids they provided to all attendees upon entering the forum appeared on the background screen. If they were lit in one color they only heard the voice of the vocalist of Fobia while if it was in the other color Lupe Esparza would sound.

The rockers left the stage for Bronco to delight the public with classics like "With heels."

Fobia returned to the stage to repeat the experience with headphones this time with a theme by Armando Manzanero that the grouperos made famous: «I adore».

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