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Those 2019 albums you should have heard: International

4 December, 2019


Well, although the Icelandic trio says that this album is full of gloom, the reality is that it is more danceable than their debut album, without this meaning that it is the album that will entertain a party.

The attractive thing is that its pop of keyboards has a certain luminosity, which does not fully commune with the reflective character of the lyrics, which builds an album based on the idea that these moments of uncertainty seek incessantly the brightness that leads us to leave of the problem we face.

Thus, we go through the enigmatic voice of Margrét Rán different moods very entertained in what today sounds like a clash between M83 and Christine & The Queens. Eye, it is not a copy, these three have their own personality, a cold “wave” that presumes the desire to leave the depression generated by the tones in the sky in that part of the world.

Aldous Harding

Between experiment or style -because it is not the first time that it does-, this New Zealander creates atmospheres very in the folk format but it is allowed to create silent spaces or with minimal sounds so that the listener gets involved in the creation of the story she sings.

It is like a puzzle: the sound model that is presented to us is the space where we will be arranging the pieces, made with the lyrics of the songs that are not entirely clear and rich in metaphors and comparisons. These silences, whispers, discreet guitar strumming, serve to accommodate the fragments and try to understand all the melancholy that this woman gives us in a kind of danceable enigma.

The name of the album tells us that we have a job to do, that we will not be simple listeners, the cheerful tunes invite us to stay and the built intrigue asks us to “design” along with it this character who sings so brightly.

Tove Lo

His return after an extremely sad album is like a raw one: after crying in excess, a composer appears who reflects on the reason for her regrets and how this means a turn in her personal life and career. So it is so that there is the opportunity to even compare his letters from before with those of now, but without nailing, simply as an anecdote.

Of course, the storm finally brought calm and with it the brightness that it presumes with the album's title, offering us a freer, more direct and capable woman to make fun of her decisions and her results with no strokes.

The collaborations are even better for him because he allows himself to show himself looser, with the security that he gives you to know in the company of a henchman, perhaps that is why we see his most festive side.

Rodrigo and Gabriela

Yes, we are talking about the music of the world, but since this Mexican duo does not use Spanish as a basis for communicating, that is why we include the effort in this list.

They achieve a fusion of all those rhythms performed by the guitar prodigies that have influenced their sound and the result is overwhelming, totally charming and shows a talent that allows you to go from the basics of post rock to flamingo punctures.

This is the most ambitious and wise record of his career, one that modestly uses synthesizers and percussions to create atmospheres that allow a hypnotic development of a sort of "return to the origins", or rather, a review of subgenres, built to May each piece be a pleasant and energetic journey.


The New Zealand synth pop duo understood that in order to return to the reflectors they had to get away from the fashion of keyboards or, at least, put more than the eighties sound that everyone loves these days. After a second album that contributed nothing, they approach the definition of completely new modes, even with high retro load, but with more guitars.

The dream pop is no longer so "alone", because they put more energy into the assembly of the songs without lowering structures to the "power hits" mode, they simply add the necessary hooks to sound more pop than ever, exalting the irony of the phrase that names the disc.

It is perhaps his way of presuming that his pop does not follow the path outlined by the successes of the moment. Given the variation of times, models and even melodies, some eclectism could be pointed out, but it is not so extreme as to fall into the experimental section.

Text published in Gaio Ninja

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