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Those 2019 albums you should have heard: USA

30 November 2019

What is the custom at this time of the year, we make a recount of the most outstanding in music, opening a turn with the American performers who broke it this year in terms of quality.

Billie Eilish

The mournful pop of the angelina is causing behaviors that were lost, with young listeners getting physical albums to listen to them completely. Hardly behind these times of streaming with artists releasing piece after piece to assemble the puzzle, but in the proposal of this young 18 year you can see the idea of ​​understanding each topic as a fear or fear that make up a whole.

That is why we are facing a work full of personality, intimate and that in each piece seeks to define one of the many aspects that can shape the identity of a young adult, worried about reaching the age of majority and at the same time unable to face new challenges when he has not yet been able to overcome old nightmares.

Presuming a large record is able to get caught in this high dose of youthful pessimism.


An album full of chacoteo, with obvious references and all the intention of enchanting with its sticky themes.

Musically it is plagued with winks, which leaves little room for inventiveness, but they are still powerful in the lyrical aspect, so this work represents a proof that in irony we can find the depth that mainstream groups are lacking .

Impossible to define them, because sometimes they are dark, in other subjects they are hilarious and they also presume their musical skills in what seems to be the appropriation of other times formats. Like a rockola but with his own voice and his personal agenda.

The Claypool Lennon Delirium

Of course it sounds like The Beattles, since John Lennon's offspring is a vital part of this project that could be considered a strange fusion of the first Pink Floyd with the Liverpool Quartet. It is a lysergic experience from which it is impossible to remain indifferent.

It does not, of course, achieve the status of an icon of any of the pieces of Ringo, John, Paul and George, but it has its own “wave”, very established in today's reality, with its depressive dyes but without losing the route of the experimental and progressive chord.

It is above all a continuation of what Sean and Les Claypool (Primus) started with an album that broke it with everything. Is better? Is no different. The first was a blow of authority, this is the purification of forms and sounds that result in melodies that combine perfectly with everything, so energetic that they remain impregnated in the mind even when the genre does not go with any ear.

Tyler, The Creator

The Creator continues to demonstrate that he can take “street music” to new levels and to show off his gifts he takes us into the story of a boy who must choose between a secret relationship and the one he has in his public life. So far there is no news, what really works as a "great trip" is the diverse way of telling this anecdote, track after track, modifying styles and rhythms, allowing each song to have an identity that fits perfectly with a mood .

The best thing is that it draws on the wide diversity of black music to make something closer to pop - sometimes - and start from an R&B base that is transformed as the album and the story mature.

Kim Gordon

Few performers can sing so sadly the sad reality we live. It overflows with ingenuity to tell us about the disaster with the authority that gives it to have lived sweet times in Sonic Youth and see the world chaos we now have with an economy willing to subsist at the expense of the screwed up.

To understand this reading we must strive to put aside all the noise that could distract us. Thus, between different modes and textures, the New Yorker mocks, points out and demonizes many of the currently accepted formats in which we conduct ourselves or have come to understand modern existence.

It is a challenging pop. And we say pop despite the experimental treatise, because it always seeks to be enjoyable, although the exposed reality is a slap in the face of our beliefs and a violent sound blow to its abstract character.

Text published in Gaio Ninja

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