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Those 2019 albums you should have heard: Spanish

2 December, 2019

We continue with our account of what the music left us this year and it is the turn of the albums in Spanish.


The Colombian "uncovered" in its third long duration, in a work that does not emphasize sexual orientation, but does pursue that love flows regardless of everyone's affections.

That is why he sings to love and heartbreak without defining genres, he simply approaches the understanding of feelings with more danceable themes and a more fragile song, in the manner of a relationship that falters or wanders in uncertainty.

It is an interpretation of freedom, which is limited by the definitions, which Mateus Williamson tries to overcome with a frontal attack and full of Caribbean rhythms.

Carminha news

These Iberians are worth the genre and demonstrate versatility, becoming one of the most lucid groups in the current Spanish pop. And it is that the experiment does not look forced, on the contrary, there is a playful format that takes us the same towards rap as to cumbia, while still sounding the dream pop that abounds today in Iberian lands.

It is therefore a very entertaining album that finds its weaknesses in the melodies "nailed" as always. When the group forgets the self-confidence to become serious, it is where the thing becomes monotonous and gray, not because they do not go well, but because this pair of issues break like the one who arrives at the club to want to seek litigation instead of fun.

Elsa and Elmar

Bucaramanga may never have sounded so mystical and at the same time not very sensual. Not because Margarita Carvajal is not sexy, but because she prefers to exploit her intimate and electropop side rather than sell sexuality.

Since last year, Elsa gave samples that would come with an album that could be a reference for this 2019. His first preview is precisely the highlight of his second studio album, very well wrapped by several "confessions" sung in a sweet, but thoughtful way.

Fight, work, frustration, are some of the topics included in this plaque that does not revolutionize pop, but leaves us a pleasant sound in the ears.

The blue House

How to refresh the Spanish electronic scene in the most comfortable way? Well, with many tears.

That seems to tell Guille Milkyway to give a twist to the songs of heartbreak that did not find a place in his previous albums, thus achieving a prolonged regret that seems to contradict himself, but which actually sounds very flirtatious, fresh and even appropriate for times where the tracks of dances are no longer space for entertainment but for relief.

Although the lyrics tell us about someone who suffers from the breakup, the electropop that clothes him seems to tell us that it is not so much, so that we are offered a work that is just as contradictory as the penalty that seizes us when a union finally disappears toxic


The four elements, fire, earth, water and air, are the guiding thread of the disc of these Colombians and are the ones that govern the feelings exposed in this work in which they expose influences, loves and problems.

They are presumed more concrete and direct, but also darker, at times pessimistic, but in a hopeful way to a certain extent, because once you face the dark side of things, what follows necessarily comes full of brightness. It is then an album full of chiaroscuro in the sound section but simple in the lyric, without falling into the triviality.

There are records that you listen to and it seems that in each track it is always by dawn. That type of darkness that is blurring is what we talk to with these "Black Suns."

Text published in Gaio Ninja

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