Write, devouring craving

Write, devouring craving

As never in our history, each individual has extensive possibilities to communicate their ideas to others. There have never been so many media or various platforms for desktop publishing and self publishing. There are options for all budgets and needs; from traditional newspapers that are increasingly migrating to digital editions eager for texts, web pages that can be hired at affordable prices, to Blogs free, commercial editing programs and software free That fulfills the same tasks. Perhaps there is a boom in the need to throw words into the world from a keyboard or the brevity of a telephone screen. However, updating tools does not automatically translate into content improvement. Along with the arrival of technology that facilitates the expansion of ideas, there is a persistent decrease in the flow of ideas. Anyone can generate content, tell in detail using their account Facebook the tasty anecdotes that happen every day. But in the face of this possibility, most prefer to replicate images with meager text embedded in colorful typography. Often it is not even from the author to whom they award it. Could it be that we should return to the anonymous system of writing a newspaper, or the epistolary talk that, due to its delay, required precision in trying to pour a piece of our existence on several pages? Has the sharpness of our tools diminished our ability to communicate?

I want to publish, not write

If by mere curiosity you inquire in the centers or houses of culture in your city, you will find literary workshops of various kinds. In some you will find dedicated people who require the stimulating contact of other individuals interested in building with words, building on paper and enjoying the camaraderie of their peers. Sometimes, you will find others more interested in showing what they have written to obtain the validation of others. They do not accept opinions about their work, because they already know how to write and what they are looking for is who edits them. There are those who even pay for texts that they will pass as their own, because their only objective is to publish, to become authors. It is not a contemporary phenomenon, the ghost writers they have always existed; authors who, due to the urgent need for income, become occasional mercenaries, or make their profession.

A workshop can be in youth -or at the beginning of the literary adventure, if it has been undertaken at maturity-, a useful guide to locate how a text is constructed, what tools are to be used, and especially what readings will help set sail With a certain fortune. No one who is truly interested in writing can do without the accumulation of texts in their technical and sentimental acquis. As in any workshop, regardless of the trade in question, you have to work hard and try to assimilate the experience that is shared. There are no formulas for writing, no matter how much has been paid in the inscription. Work in a more expensive workshop is not simpler or better quality.

Where do i start?

The devouring eagerness has jumped without containment from the thousands of pages you have looked through. Imagine, reflect, there are unavoidable changes in the way you perceive your environment and even in the way you conduct your life. Now you want to collaborate increasing the enormous flow of words that accompanies our passage through the world. In his novel An Innocent Millionaire, Stephen Vizinczey He mentions that "practically anyone who finds reading a book easy assumes that it is easy to write them." Something similar happens with the writing of a story, a poem or an article. Although when you find yourself in front of the proverbial blank page, or the most common bright screen today; you might think like José García, protagonist of the novel of Josefina Vicens, The Empty Book: «What can a man like me tell about his life? If nothing has ever happened to you before, and what happens to you now cannot tell you because precisely that is what happens to you: you need to tell it and you cannot ».

Everything is worth writing. If you have refined your look the simplest action, the most ordinary corner of your street, the furniture next to which you spend every day without giving it importance, can become the beginning of a memorable text. Read, reread, and never believe in the falsehood of the bohemian writer, the alcoholic, the sufferer. There is no sort of secret knowledge in it, but justification for failure and laziness. The aforementioned Stephen Vizinczey reminds us that “Most of the bad books are because their authors are busy trying to justify themselves. If you think you are wise, rational, well, a blessing for the opposite sex, a victim of circumstances, it is because you do not know yourself enough to write ».

Keep a diary, write down sentences from the books that have marked you, write a letter -which does not necessarily have to be delivered to your recipient-, describe the objects, the people around you, change the ending that you did not like about that series or that movie, start a blog, or at least trying to change the interaction of our social networks and generate content instead of copying it, is a good start.

Even today, in the midst of advanced devices and numerous options for software, A notebook never stops accompanying me. I recommend having it near as an almost indispensable custom that has worked for me. You never know when something will be lost if you wait to register it. Carrying a notebook is also essential when you try to exercise your eyes for drawing, an occupation that in turn requires constant practice. But that's another story, which I may share later.

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