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I don't like that food

3 May 2019

A mother with her two children arrived at the restaurant, asked for the menu and handed her the letter. He reviewed and asked for her a chicken breast in cilantro sauce, for the girl a noodle soup and for the teenager a breaded breast; the dishes I accompany with red rice, steamed vegetables and fruit water with little brown sugar.

In his order he asked to remove steamed vegetables and drinks, with the argument that they don't like that, because they prefer to drink cola, popular by the way. I do not sell bottled drinks, or sausages, as natural and healthy as possible under the slogan: You do not have to cook complicated foods, just healthy food of fresh ingredients.

Unfortunately, the modern way of life thus has the new generations of fathers: thousands of mothers who work, do not like to cook because they are not raised by anyone and work in order not to take care of their children, very few work for one pressing need; then, the children are left in the care of daycare centers or other people, where they give them what they like or crave. When they are with the parents they seek to be spoiled and the parents, for not conflicting with the children, access their whims, whether they are food, technology, toys, clothing, etc.

Data that worries

Mexico occupies one of the first places worldwide in obesity and consumption of bottled beverages. It is unfortunate that from within the home there is no awareness of the bad eating habits taught by parents, so we have obese children and adolescents, without physical condition because they spend free time on electronic devices. At the other extreme, very malnourished youth, flaccid bodies, for lack of good food and exercise.

We still have time to correct the direction in which we are leading the new generations, as parents, let us make the effort to give them a better example and provide them with better food.

In short, it is cheaper to eat well and healthy, than to buy the industrialized. Enjoy your meal!

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