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In my memory

24 June, 2019

Lately I have been a little worried about the situation I am in, a situation I had not noticed until a couple of days ago.
Listening to some anecdotes of my youth, I realized that I did not remember them.
By doing a little analysis I have realized that I forget too many things, some important, others not so much, but my memory is failing.
Should I seek help? Is it just lack of concentration? Will I be facing an imminent case of Alzheimer's?
I don't know, and frankly I fear the answer. I am terrified that they let me know that one day I will forget everything, it saddens me to know that my brain is probably no longer the best place to treasure the best moments of my life. That someday the important people were erased, the moments I assumed were unforgettable, and worse, possibly one day I will completely forget who I am.
What would you do? Seek help or wait to see what happens?

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