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The No Show Mexico: the value of art

3 December, 2019

How much is art worth in your life? What do we understand as art? Seven actors will present their profession as a case study, the sacrifices that get on the entablados imply and discuss with the public in a fun and unusual way their role as creators and ours as spectators.

In the title of this staging we find the key to understand why it is necessary to silence everything that can happen in this assembly, proof that the theater is a living organism that feeds on the reactions of the public, only here it is fueled by Very well thought out interactions ranging from the use of technology to very cheerful improvisations.

Canadian filmmakers Alexandre Fecteau, Hubert Lemire and Francois Bernier joined forces in Mexico to transfer the experience of the neighboring country of the north to our reality and the theatrical result achieved by Vicky Araico, Úrsula Pruneda, Sara Pinet, Pamela Almanza, Ticoz Arroyo, Memo Villegas and Adrián Vázquez is impressive.

The experience starts from when you buy your tickets at the box office. The No Show Mexico moves away from conventions with the firm purpose of becoming a genuine dialogue between attendees and actors, varying its structure depending on the response of the public and exposing the very personal cases of the histrions, situations that are often repeated always in the do on stage.

Thus, The No Show Mexico speaks to everyone involved in the theatrical world, but especially to those who do not know the efforts behind a montage, even when it is small. Sometimes in a pitiful way, in others with extreme energy, there is even room to feel guilty about the social environment in which we live when we are discovered replicating prejudices and vices that affect everyone in the country, including the national artistic spectrum.

It is a challenge and one game at a time, and in this journey of moving from one point to another, the spectators reflect, learn and nurture these seven actors with our positions. Despite proclaiming itself as a “no show”, because it seeks more to serve as a nude portrait, there are hilarious, painful and even confrontational moments. All these elements are combined to validate the dream idea that surrounds the theater, because in a “land” where nothing is what it seems, what is sold to us as a “no entertainment” is a real emotional spectacle.

Hellenic Theater
From November 28 from 2019 to January 12 from 2020
-Including December 25 and January 1-
Thursday and Friday 20: 00 hrs.
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Text published in Gaio Ninja

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