The scarce world of ideas, Vol. 1

The scarce world of ideas, Vol. 1

Before starting, I would like to reaffirm what ideas we all have, however - often - there are few that are carried out and this must be stopped.

Once my father told me that you can have talent, however, what are you going to do with it? And what plan do you have about it? Honestly, that left me thinking what the next step would be.

When we live in such a fast and immediate world, a brilliant idea needs certain aspects to bring it to reality and in my experience I can group it into 5 steps.

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  1. Tolerating the fear of "NOT so creative, NOT what we are looking for NO, NO and NO". We are the first to give value to ideas and, believe me, that when you have faith in your idea, things change immediately.
  2. Confidence and attitude are the best accessories that a person can have and is not bought in any department store, except in the sales area or two by one.
  3. Let yourself be inspired by mentors and people who have done great things. To dream big, having a guide to show you the way is essential. Thanks to Google and the internet you can find webinars, podcasts, books and lots of content and incredible people who do it for free.
  4. Work on it every day and take a break to think and meditate.
  5. What would you like to improve on yourself? Security, appearance ... anything, absurd as it may seem, when trying to improve you will feel better about yourself.
  6. Mention that they were 5 but I leave a pylon! The planning or execution of your idea has to be precise so that it becomes a reality. Dare to collaborate with people who have another mentality, really that changes the chip.

To your business idea, to make a better world, to contribute as a citizen, to be your best version, whatever you have in mind, you have to put a date to do it.

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Conquering the world has an expiration date.

Embrace fear and use it in your favor because the best time is today. That always keep it in mind.

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