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4 December, 2019

The weekend we had the opportunity to know a beautiful, natural and mystical place called HAMEKI, which is an outdoor hotel under the concept of Glamping or "glamorous camping", is located in the municipality of Homún, 38 km from Merida, heading to Cancun, it is located at the exit of the town, on the way to the archeological zone and town of Acanceh, all this in our beautiful state of Yucatan, Mexico.

Initially we had chosen to go to Izamal, however, due to reservation problems we changed the destination. Our idea was to spend a relaxing and relaxing weekend enjoying the atmosphere, the natural landscape, the cenotes, the delicious Yucatecan and vegan food that has its restaurant, the amenities and facilities of the beautiful place that a good friend had recommended us, without However, this became a mystical, romantic encounter, with many stories and anecdotes that made our weekend unforgettable days to always remember and that I share below.

We start our trip by having breakfast in a very nice place, on the road to Temozón, heading to the Island coming from the road to progress called La Libertad, with an excellent meal, with a Cuban-type seasoning with a smoked turkey Monterey of Turkey Ham echo at home with Monterrey cheese, delicious, good coffee, good service; but the mystical moment began at the exit of the restaurant, same place, when we went to a naturist store that was offering discounts for the good end, incredible essences and natural products, a long and pleasant talk with the owner of the place that I invited Bea to Work together with holistic and healing issues.

The reception at HAMEKI was very warm,

not only for the fact that it was in the kitchen, but for the pleasant attention of the people, the smiles, the smells, the wine selection for our romantic dinner included in the package.

Later it was the recognition of the facilities, the papapa of the dining room the pool that simulates the bottom of a cenote because it is completely lined with stone, they showed us the bathrooms that at the beginning made me very large for only the use of the pool, separated the of men and women of course, in a row mass baths, showers and sink, only one of the showers with hot water, the entire property is powered by solar energy and for power use a gasoline-based power generation plant, all The energy, the solar and the plant is stored in gel batteries, LED lighting in all facilities, very beautiful, very good taste, energy saving and according to the type of environment, in addition to the light pole closest to 600 meters away, they had to generate their own energy.

Later we pass to the area of ​​the Glamping, in the center of the area is a small socket for the bonfire at night surrounded by chairs and armchairs, where you can random sunchos and sausages that the same company provides you, but the surprise was to see our Glamping , I felt like in those desert movies in which the characters arrive at an Oasis and the tents are installed, only that in this additionally there are fans and in our case a double bed, a dressing table, buros, ceiling lights , lights on the buros and a nice iron table with two chairs, and what do I ask, and the bathroom? Well, there isn't, it turns out that the concept is like that of a campsite, the bathroom area is common and it's what I They showed at the entrance attached to the dining room, they already made me very large for the pool, because in the day without major problem, but at night, with the cold that touched us and for those of us who are very gichich, it was an odyssey, but it was worth the ex perience

There were several families already installed, most of them visiting the cenotes area and there were only two couples with their children playing and enjoying the facilities very lively, enjoying the delicacies of the kitchen and with the ambient music.

We decided to settle down and relax a little before going to eat in the town of Homún

which is five minutes away and at the unpacking I was pleasantly surprised that Bea had brought to release her bowls that she uses in her meditation sessions, for the 7 chacras and her vibration Angel, she asked me to support her in filming a video to remember the magic moment but I lay down for a moment and with the smell of the incense that I had lit and the sound of the bowls and the Angel I fell asleep, that pleasant and relaxing experience, then I showed the video that she took, Too bad, and incredibly the sounds outside, ambient and the noise of the couples that were in the pool area was not heard, we were definitely on another vibration frequency, the video was beautiful and the sound excellent and relaxing.

We went to eat at Homún, a small restaurant, both tourist and food of the day for the people who work in the town, 3 mystical rooms, we chose an area where the masonry walls had already lost their finish and the stone, vegetation could be seen invading the room with typical trees of the region, gravel floor and two Apache Indian shamans who watched the room from a small altar, these, not typical figures of the Mayan area, were sent to the owner of the place he told us.

The delicious food, Poc-Chuk and Stuffed Cheese, with some strained beans, handmade tortillas in a lek and chaya water with lemon, thick with lots of ice, which delight, accompanied with a cheerful talk of who we imagine would be brother of the Owner of the place, very attentive and helpful to whatever we could need, we were delighted with the place and agreed to return the next day as they invited us to eat pozole, Jalisco style, what we did not know at that time is that we would not arrive.

We return to HAMEKI to rest and enjoy the facilities, the board games and the little football recognizing the place, the beautiful vegetation and the sunset, however, the temperature kept going down, we settled in our Glamping to wait for the romantic dinner of pasta and wine , playing while playing cards and mastering in a very pleasant environment and different from what you are used to in a hotel room

The dinner was pure magic,

in a teepee made from hand-woven tree roots, a small table, two chairs, very tight, a rich pasta with and a rich bottle of red wine Merlot, Spanish, Tempranillo, very well covered outdoors enjoying witness A sky covered with stars.

The next day we woke up very early because we had a visit to 3 cenotes, we had breakfast at HAMEKI enjoying the delicious food they offer, coffee instantly prepared, butter, jam with careful attention, we had the option to do the bike tour, but when they told us the distance we prefer to make the trip on a tricycle, already installed with our life jackets, mandatory in the region and also provided by the hotel included in the package, we settled on the tricycle, with the great fortune that our guide and driver turned out to be a student boy of the UTM of the tourism career, specializing in ecotourism in the region, he was explaining that in the area he had discovered around 150 cenotes of which only around 26 were active, we would visit 3 of the most representative, one open, young with few stalactites, very deep, open, suitable for lovers of swimming, an older one, cavern type with a large platform and interesting formations and with paintings on the walls made by the ancient Maya and a third, also cavern type with a platform to the center of the cenote where the water was certainly much more cold than the previous ones, in the cenotes a thermal phenomenon occurs when being in a cave, when it is hot outside inside the water is cool and when it is cold outside the temperature in the cenote is warm, the average temperature in our stay was around 26 degrees, in addition to talking about the formations of the cenotes we talked about the birds of the region, the vegetation, in weak cultivation of the henequen and as little by little that great industry that gave life and wealth to the state, the typical tree to identify the cenotes the Yaxche, the legends of the Toh bird with its beautiful tail and says:

Legend has it that el Toh was one of the royal birds that lived in the bird kingdom of the mayan land, in ancient times, back then, it had a long, delicate and bright tail of many colors, which made it look as beautiful as it was King Kukul, pThat was why he was admired by the other birds, this made him proud and arrogant. Instead of working, he met with other royal birds in the coolest depths of the jungle, where he spent the whole day telling stories and feeding on insects and lizards in the afternoon. Even then, the Toh asked his companions to find him food, so as not to mistreat the feathers of his long and beautiful tail.

One afternoon, black clouds appeared in the sky announcing storm. An emergency meeting of the birds was then called to protect themselves, assigning each one their specific task.

Chuchut, the carpenter; Panchel, the toucan and Mox, Xtut and Exikin, the parakeets and macaws, dedicated themselves to cutting branches to build a shelter. Bach, the chachalaca and Cutz, the mountain turkey, carried the heaviest branches. Small birds, such as crows and ordendulas, were responsible for gathering pastures and small plants to cover the shelter.

Other birds collected fruits and seeds as food, and some more dedicated themselves to alert the animals of the jungle. Among them, Oc, the king buzzard, acted as chief.

Only the bird Toh refused to do any work, claiming to be "an aristocrat, not a worker." The other birds told him that everyone would feel it very much if the storm found them off guard and urged him to work with them. Indignant the elegant bird, took its place among the builders of the shelter. But not many minutes passed and he already felt tired and sweaty, so he waited for no one to see him and escaped into the nearby bushes.

There he found a good place to hide: the cracks of a stone wall. He went into the hole, snuggled up and went to sleep. Convinced of the effectiveness of the hiding place, he did not realize that his long tail hung outside the shelter, on a road where workers passed with their cargo.

Some time later, the Toh bird woke up and heard the other birds sing. The storm was over without doing much damage and the whole bird kingdom rejoiced for good luck. He came out of his hole and flew to the shelter, where he asked the other birds if they also felt tired like him after the exhausted work done. All the birds nodded, but assured that the work was necessary to save the forest and its inhabitants from what could have become a great disaster.

Then, the royal birds called the Toh and together they flew to their favorite place to perch among the jungle. As always, the Toh was placed in the highest place of the group, so that everyone could admire its beautiful tail. In that, one of the teammates began to laugh at Toh, pointing to his tail. Gradually all the other birds did the same, telling him: “Your tail is ruined. Surely you damaged it when you worked as much as you say. ”

The Toh bird was sure that this was a joke, until he looked at himself and saw only two long bare rods hanging and ending in a small set of feathers, like two arrows.

Horrified, he realized what had happened while he slept. The conceited bird recognized his guilt, but could not bear to let his friends know the truth. His pride was stronger than him and flew away towards the most inaccessible part of the jungle. There he dug a hole in a material bank and got into it.

To this day, the Toh remains as an inmate in the jungle, avoids the other birds and makes his home in cave holes, which give access to Xibalba.

and the snake legend that takes care of the cenotes throughout their lives as a punishment from Kukulcan for disobeying him, which says that:

The ancient legend tells that of all the snakes that inhabited the Earth, Tzukan, protective of grottos and cenotes, was unique for its large size and mysticism, during the first drought of the Mayan Empire, thousands of years ago, it was entrusted to Chaac, Lord of the Rain, collect underground water and take her to the rest of the Mayan empire. Chaac mounted a winged beast and looked for the precious liquid everywhere, but the lagos, rivers y cenotes They were dry. Where was he Water?

Tired of the search, the Rain Lord decided to rest a little and sat on a log, but it began to move. The deity and her animal were frightened to see that it was not a piece of wood, but the body of a huge snake. Hungry, the reptile opened the jaws and devoured the winged beast of Chaac in a single bite before he could fly. The Lord of the Rain, angry, climbed up the back of the snake and whipped her with his whip.

"Now you will be my saddle for having eaten my animal," Chaac said, suddenly, a serpent began to sprout from the neck, from which the rider held on.

"And who are you to whip me?" Said the huge snake enraged Tzukan.
"I am Chaac, the Lord of the Rain, and now also your lord. You will take me to tue to bring water to the cenotes that are empty, because surely you finished it. ”

Tzukan, even more angry, she squirmed violently to shake Chaac off, but all she got was for her mane to swell. Suddenly, huge wings appeared on the sides of her body and raised her to the sea.

Arriving at that huge emerald water body, Chaac filled hundreds of vessels and tied them to the back of Tzukan. The snake was amazed: it was the first time I saw the sea.

"I will not return to the caves," he said Tzukan. "I will stay at sea, here I have a lot of space and I can go anywhere," "First you must finish your mission," Chaac replied.

“What mission?” Tzukán replied, “You are going to watch over the cenotes and caverns and there will never be a lack of water, you will be the water guardian and only when you are old will I allow you to return to the sea, ”said Chaac, who cheated the snake because he knew that Tzukán would rejuvenate forever.

Back to the cenotes, Tzukan knocked down Chaac with a whip of his body, but the Lord of the Rain stirred his whip and caused thunder that immediately killed the snake and turned it into thousands of raindrops That fell on the earth.

The rivers, caves and cenotes They were filled again with water. Slowly, at the bottom of a cave, the water droplets condensed to take the form of the snake that grew and wings came out again. Tzukán left his refuge to go to the sea, but on his way he found Chaac, who threw a powerful gust of wind and the reptile became rain once again.

Although the snake with mane and wings always wanted to return to the sea, it was condemned, with its eternal death and reincarnation, to always keep the cenotes, caves and rivers of Yucatan with water.

We returned to HAMEKI after noon and sat down to rest, to have a snack waiting for lunch to go through the pozole to the town, however, April, our hostess approached us to tell us that it was the anniversary of HAMEKI and that we invited to a ceremony that would be with a Shaman (The Mayan shaman He is the curandero of this culture, which worked especially with the purpose of harmonizing the body and mind of all the inhabitants of his town), Bea told April that we would be happy to attend and thanked the invitation and took the opportunity to comment that she performs healing and relaxation sessions through sounds and Reiki (The Reiki It is a Japanese spiritual practice that ensures the relief of many diseases by transmitting energy through the hands, it is a therapy that has a spiritual origin, the transmission of vital energy through the hands) and they talked a bit about the subject.

More than two hours passed and the Shaman did not arrive, next to our table we saw the concern of April of his mother and his aunt in this situation, at one point the mother of April commented on the Christmas ornaments and took out some angels that she plans to put at the hotel as a Christmas motive; this was the signal for Bea to approach April and tell her that by chance she brought the bowls and she could do the ceremony in case the Shaman will not arrive, at that same time April decided and asked Bea and her people organize everything to do the ceremony, in 10 minutes everything was ready.

People who were staying at the hotel were asked and April employees to come to be part of the ceremony, I had to film that happened next, it is difficult to narrate in words what happened after Bea's words describing what was to be done, based on sounds and concentration following his words and the words of thanks from April for the year that was being fulfilled, the goals achieved, the gratitude to his people for the trust given and the blessings received.

It was magical, very brief but emotional, people connected with nature, the environment was filled with peace, relaxation and harmony, employees connected with their work and thanks to it.

Subsequently, a cleaning of the place was carried out with incense and testimony was requested from the employees, it was very emotional to listen to them, which means April's attention to his people as his most important asset, the work environment, the comments of the friendship of the cooks, the reunion, the recovery of their friendship, the work for pleasure rather than for necessity, having a double blessing, and most importantly, the liberation of April of a load that had been bringing back time when the HAMEKI project began , in addition to addressing HAMEKI itself as a living entity provider of work and fun and rest source for those who have had the pleasure of enjoying the place the service and its facilities.

The food was delicious, for all tastes, and the gathering of the events of the day later in the campfire that is already a day-to-day tradition in the place where the stories of what happened on the walks are told and a pleasant gathering takes place , sometimes familiar and sometimes friendly.

One in particular, because of the mystics of the places around me, my attention is the story of the grotto, it turns out that one of the people who was in the place told his family that they had taken him to meet a grotto, of which there are many in the place, there was no cenote, it was a large grotto with a huge dome, with a guide and partially illuminated, they started the tour seeing the different formations that are formed with the stalactites of the cave and story that already more inside the guide I tell them not to be scared of the Aluxes, if they were mischievous, to which the lady asked him what it was, which are the Aluxes and explained that the Aluxes are a type of elves that reach the knee and they are considered the spirits of the Mayan ancestors or the land that protects the Mayan jungle, it is said that they are invisible but that they take physical form and they look like miniature to the Mayans dressed in a traditional way, they are not bad, they only take care of their territory , if they are treated with respect, or they are left with a gift, the Aluxes bring good luck and are very useful but otherwise they usually play jokes on people, to which she replies, “Do not stain, and you tell us So far, I do not bring anything in my bag, or sweets, or change, hey ... they will accept credit card, because if I have not already scrubbed. ”

Beyond the good that we had, beyond the experiences, mystical, the beauty of the place, the attention, the landscape, the nature, the birds, the funny, the legends, I want to stay in the analysis of the origin of the trip and because we were there at the time they needed us, chance, God, destiny, mission ... what would you like to call him?

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