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Disco: new albums by Bengal, O Tortuga and El Cuarteto de Nos

6 october, 2019


The capitalists left their "Labyrinth" to enter another that brings the whole seal of the house, with the appropriate guitars to wander between stories of heartbreak and nostalgia.

There is no pomposity in this return, only themes that do not look like those of a band that disappeared from the scene for five years.

The lack of surprises lead us to a certain marasmus, but if we can applaud this return, it is the honesty with which they returned to the sounds that gave them glory, only more mature and worked.

Or turtle

The Pantitlan forget about the noise, now they offer softer melodies and better built harmonies, a natural process that comes with age, which is doing very well.

The album is a kind of manifesto, a declaration of war against the limitations and the voice of command so that these boys move away from their "dirty" past to present cleaner chords and lyrics that tell us about the daily dramas of the new adult.

You notice some melancholy in each of the tracks, most likely because that free life is no longer within reach, because now it is necessary to think more about the consequences.

The Quartet of Us

As usual, these Uruguayans invite us to reflect on various topics, as well as varied are the musical styles they present, so it has never been possible to define them, although it really does not matter because each new album is a pleasant experience, although we cannot Talk about a round job.

That is why we wander between capitalism, technology, power, the polarized world and other topics that always deal with a high dose of humor and characters that we could easily be ourselves or our closest.

In spite of everything, the twist is fresh, less nostalgic and far from formulas, it is like a game, a very ironic and mocking one, who does not notice the seams despite having been produced by four different musicians and that is because cohesion that exists in this band is enviable. They have a good time with what they do and transmit it, even when all those things we hate about us and the world sing to us.

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