From love to others to self-care.

From love to others to self-care.

More than a year ago - or maybe before - I had to live a life lesson That redefined me.

Mi dad He went out of his way - strong - for our well-being, including that of many who crossed his path or his life.

First my mom, then we his children, until my children arrived.

Without desire for judgment, but rather after a self-reflection, he put himself at the last place.

And I speak in the past because more than a year ago it is no longer in this material plane.

Let's reflect: How many times have you worn after others? Regardless of whether you are a father, a mother, the eldest of the brothers or the most "worried" friend.

Very often that "quality" of interest in othersBut without a balance is it healthy?

I think life is like a jug of water: empty or almost empty receives more; when it overflows we give to others.

Years later - even before his death - I learned that life is a equilibrium perfect between giving and receiving. That has been a great teaching that has given me back the lost peace.

I have not stopped giving, it is more, I always give, but today I am willing to receive, to fulfill that balance

And you cheer up?

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