Letter to the wind

Letter to the wind

Excuse me one more time!

For breaking my silence. I had never made a letter to the wind to tell you how sorry I am, because today, you know, I miss you and I miss you more.

Because every moment something reminds me of your thoughts, your way of being, your voice, your way of teaching me the things of life. You do not know how much I miss you. Because you are the most important part of my soul, you are the storm that steals calm from this stubborn heart that you know is the only reason.

How many times have I heard your voice near the silence, as if you were stealing the soul from the wind. You do not know how much I love you, even if it is far from my gaze, but you are deep within my heart.

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I want to draw you again with my hands, with the brushes of my lips and feel the adventure of yours, and, once again, steal your being with the soft taste of my soul and understand that the world is for both of us.

If God sows flowers in the deserts and a few drops can quench your thirst, how can you think that distance and time can dry what one day flourished in this stubborn heart.

You are my poem.

You are my poem and my inspiration. You are a whole of this crazy love.

Writing is an odyssey because every thing that inspires me has something about you. Black hair is like the ink of the letters I wrote one day; your deep gaze a poem that I gave you, your hope a wings that taught me to love, waiting for an answer that came from the sea. That's why I ask you for a minute and give me a dream in the middle of the sea.

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Yesterday I remembered you walking through the square: I saw in the sky a very beautiful moon, which shone like that day when I met you. Yes, that's right: I met you on the day, but that night I couldn't sleep, I only thought of you, your wide smile, and the echo of your voice. That day you took half a life, because I wrote like a crazy one and a thousand times that name that entered my heart, that I never forgot the tune of that melody, that day was our song. I remember that day well, like a poetry that gives life, you were my wind, the first ray of sun and the sigh of breathing, your lips with the rich taste of sea foam, that wiggle of your walk, you left my world upside down .

My muse, my voice, my maiden, with all my imagination a thousand fairy tales, only you, the one that took my heart.

If one day you see me in your dreams, give me a hug, because I still miss you, like the wind in my wings, like those drops of dew in my early morning.

Yesterday I remembered you, those jasmine lips, crazy poems and that stupid cupid did not take pity on me, I was a passing wind on your path without light, one night poem.

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When the wind is afraid, your love is cold, like snow in spring, like a soap bubble, you are losing your mind what this stubborn heart does.

Today I want to be with you Why? The silence is cold, my memory is lost between your fingers in the void, chained my future in your skirt that destroys my soul to think that your look no longer wants to feel the desire of my soul at dawn.

You really do not know how much I love you, I have never made a letter to the void that takes my memory to that wind that is not cold.

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