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Carola Cuarón, a girl on her way to stardom

7 october, 2019

Carola Garza Moeller, at her scarce 10 years old, already has 7 experience in theater stages and in front of the cameras in music videos and advertising campaigns, which is why she manages the artistic name of Carola Cuarón. The choice of the surname was not only due to the distinguished Cinematographic Director Alfonso Cuarón, but to the fact that Carola's maternal great-grandfather is Cuarón and in reality there is a distant kinship with the Filmmaker.

The little girl has dabbled in the internationally renowned television series "The Queen of the South 2" with an adorable character: Renata, the daughter of Zurdo Villa. Her natural and charismatic participation has been a great incentive for her, it was a unique experience that confirms once again her desire to follow the path of acting, to which she has dedicated herself even before she has even learned to read.

Carola studies the fifth year of Primary in a Bilingual School in the City of Monterrey, Nuevo León, her acting studies began months after reaching the age of 3 at a Summer Camp she enjoyed in such a way that she insisted on her mother, Claudette Moeller Cuarón, who will continue her preparation on a regular basis. Initially, due to her mother's work, she was enrolled only on weekends, but her outstanding charisma, dedication and performance in the works that the Academy presented were so remarkable that the Director insisted Ms. Moeller allow the girl to come also to regular classes, to which he naturally acceded. Carola has the absolute support of her parents and grandparents who are proud of the girl's development.

Carola has studied since 2012 first at Bac Studio, then at Triple Threat and from 2018 to date she receives instruction in Alpha Acting Courses with Master Cristina Alanís, recently attended the NYFA Acting for Film Summer Camp at Los Angeles Campus.

Complementing her preparation, Carola also takes 2012 to 2018 Singing Classes with Master Lily Gómez de Lobo, and 2018 to date with Master Patricia Villarreal de Somohano, which has allowed her to participate in the Musical Theater with interesting characters that They have given him the joy of receiving the RSL Level 1 Award in Musical Theater Performance at 2016 with Distincion and Fine Arts Awards at the 2017 / 2018 / 2019 School.

The little girl sings in the Mezzoprano vocal range, plays the Cello, dominates the English Language at 100%, rides a horse, dances Hip Hop, ice skating, nothing, has knowledge in self defense and as cherry on the cake, paints too.

In anticipation of the interview with the girl we had the opportunity to receive some impressions from her Mother, Mrs. Claudette Moeller Cuarón. He tells us with the emotion of a Mother that little Carola arrived in this world four weeks in advance, as if she wanted to be present in her life as soon as possible, during pregnancy she used to hear a neighbor play the cello and in a gesture typical in pregnant women, caressed her belly talking to the baby the magic that cello music emitted, at birth Carola, her first eight months of life listened to the music of the neighbor daily, this beautiful anecdote comes up because when Carola decided studying music, the instrument of his choice was precisely the cello, without having been influenced by his Mom in this regard.

The little girl showed from her early childhood a series of skills and a great ability to perceive, understand and assimilate her surroundings. He began to speak at one year of age and surprisingly for his Mom, his family and those around him, the girl expressed herself with a very high vocabulary for her age, she was a vivacious, curious, restless little girl with a lot of sensitivity, she spent time talking and singing

When Ms. Moeller started working she decided to look for a summer course so that Carola did not spend all her time at home, that is how she entered the Musical Theater Camp before reaching the age of 4, which we have already described above and that was the trigger for Carola's inclination towards the performing arts.

Chatting with Carola is a true delight, she is a beautiful girl in many ways, beautiful, sweet, intelligent, prepared, sensitive, with immense joy for everything she lives and plans for her future.

A girl who is still a girl, who although she has many responsibilities for her studies and artistic activities, gives herself time to live with her friends, play, walk, have fun according to her age, Carola does not intend to get ahead of her time, she wants fully enjoy every stage of your life while continuing to pursue your dream of becoming a great actress.

The best thing for our little interviewee is to visualize herself in a position within the acting career that allows her to be a character of influence in order to perform some work for the good of humanity, at her young age she is aware of the importance of caring for the environment and of the damage that individuals do to nature, she would like to have the opportunity to summon others to participate and contribute something in the reparation of the evil we have done to our environment.

Carola has found an excellent balance between her studies at the College as her acting, singing and cello classes, so that on weekends she is totally free to live with her friends and have fun.

He tells us about his experience as a supporting actress in the series “The Queen of the South 2”, although there were few chapters in which he participated, these were of great relevance for the plot and the little girl had the opportunity to share scenes with actress Kate del Castillo, whom he greatly admires, and with Flavio Medina, who plays the role of his father, Zurdo Villa in the series, and who was charming with her.

Live the experience of the cameras and filming, have filmed in Colombia and live these days with characters such as Humberto Zurita, Kika Edgar, Cynthia Alesco, the aforementioned Kate del Castillo and Flavio Medina, among many other leading and supporting actors It has been extraordinary for Carola, especially having been directed by Carlos Mario Urrea and having met personally and being guided by the filmmaker Carlos Bolado. This experience has been another motivation to move forward, preparing for the opportunity to be the protagonist of a series or movie in the near future.

Carola Cuarón has a message for girls who like her want to dedicate themselves to acting, prepare properly and study with constancy, but when they start making videos, tests for the different roles of a production and all the work involved in waiting to be selected , if that call does not arrive, if you are not chosen for the role you applied, “do not feel rejected, it just was not your time, do not give up, go ahead with your dream until you reach it, continue preparing, studying and auditioning until you see his dream come true ”.

The path of Carola Cuarón to stardom is luminous, her gift of people, her charm, her dedication and devotion to acting ensure a series of triumphs to come and with that unique charisma it is easy to imagine her reaching her dream, it is easy to visualize her future On the red carpet, his name illuminated on the large canopies, Carola's path points to success.

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