Caresses: a group of humans who breathe for the wound

Caresses: a group of humans who breathe for the wound

"Caresses" is a compendium of scraps, pieces of human beings that are joined by the laws of attraction or because they are simply in the same place where all those who cease to be stop to become an outline.

We face a brutal, stark staging, no concessions are made to present 11 sad, overwhelming pictures, it is impossible to decide which story is more heartbreaking. Frustrations, anger and fears come together to create a terrifying cocktail, forcing us to think how responsible we are for the insecurities of others with characters who undress - literally - before us to relieve a little so much weight on them.

The text of the Catalan playwright Sergi Belbel finds in the direction of Gabriel Figueroa and a multicolored cast a chiaroscuro portrait, grim, sharp altercations that cause emotional exhaustion because it is impossible to remain indifferent to so much regret. It is a staging that does not seek to please, but uncomfortable to ask ourselves about these people who travel through life with an open wound in search of comfort.

More than two decades after writing and conquering the European entablates in the 90, "Caresses" ages with the grace of the classics because it would remain human as long as the world continues as we know it.

Can we avoid violence? Apparently not. If even beauty gets tired, as some say, what do we do when we cannot avoid aggression even in our closest and everyday surroundings? "Caresses" does not have the answer, only the effects of being beaten everywhere.

From September 5 to October 6
Functions Thursday, Friday and Saturdays at 19: 00 hours
Sundays at 18: 00 hours
Theater El Galleon Abraham Oceransky of the Cultural Center of the Forest.

For over 16 years.

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