Looking for a good book

Looking for a good book

With this idea in mind, and with the conviction to read some of literature Spanish, I asked some people what would be a good option for me.

I consulted those who have the good habit of reading hoping to decide on the one that gave me good reviews, but it was such a surprise that, like me, many of them have not read any classic.

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I had to investigate and it turns out that the criticisms are very varied and divided. So how would you choose the book that would become my next reading?

For a moment I thought of choosing at random, but it seemed like a bad idea, so the best option was to go to the bookstore and traditionally read the back cover and choose the one that best suits my expectations.

Why are people stop reading? The era of cell phones has ripped our books from our hands.

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I think we should find a way to give back to our children the treasure of reading. Many children are inclined to do so when they see their elders reading, or if at home there are books at hand. You have to take your cell phone out of reach to put books in your hands.

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