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Artists that maybe you thought Mexicans

5 october, 2019

Actors, singers, musicians ... have squandered their talent in various Mexican productions over time, so we assume that their country of birth is Mexico, however many of the best known faces were not born in the country of the horn of abundance.

Marga Lopez

Catalina Margarita López Ramos, better known as Marga López, one of the most proliferating actresses of the golden age of Mexican cinema, was born in San Miguel Tucumán, Argentina on June 21 of 1924, although later she became nationalized Mexican. Surely you have enjoyed his masterful performances in films such as "A corner near the sky", "Salon Mexico", "The stone book", "Even the wind is afraid", among others. Like any good actress, she also participated in theater and television.

Angelica Maria

Angelica María Hartman Ortíz, was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, on September 27 of 1944. Daughter of an American father and Mexican mother, he achieved fame in the cinema with the artistic name of Angelica Maria. Many of us also know her for her role as a singer and for starring in several successful soap operas.

Ofelia Guilmáin

Ofelia Puerta Guilmáin, born on November 17 of 1921 in Madrid, Spain, is part of a group of Spanish artists and intellectuals who went into exile in Mexico after the Spanish Civil War. We have enjoyed his great acting ability in films such as "Nazarin", "Sor ye-ye", "Why I was born a woman" and in soap operas such as "Loving you is my sin", "I live for Elena" and "The soul has no color ”, Also in countless plays.

Daniel Giménez Cacho

Daniel Giménez Cacho García is a talented actor born on May 15 of 1961 in the Spanish capital of Madrid. The also nationalized Mexican, became better known in the cinema when he starred in the movie "Only with your partner", also participating in "Cronos", "The alley of miracles", "Bad education" and on television in series such as "The marked hour" and "Crows Club".

Luis Miguel

Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri, a singer who is still active and active in the taste of the public. If you did not watch the series about his life that was recently made known to the world, you may not know that the place that saw him born was not Mexico, but San Juan, Puerto Rico, the 19 of April of 1970, although from a very young age he began to settle with his family in the Mexican capital and for years he has his respective nationalization.


Marisela Esqueda is one of the most beloved singers of the decade of the 80's, born in Los Angeles, California on April 24 of 1966, daughter of Mexican immigrants, has garnered great successes throughout her career being the only singer in Spanish in placing all the themes of the same record material on the Billboard Top 10. Most likely you have heard her unmistakable voice in "Your Lady of Iron", "Without him", "If you had not left", who place it until today as one of the favorites of the genre of the ballad.

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