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Organized food

8 May 2019

Sometimes, planning and cooking for a whole week in advance seems like a difficult and perhaps laborious task, but it is easy if you organize your time and it also has many advantages.

Sometimes, not having a food system could cause problems, since we resort to leaving our office, business or company, buying the fastest and easiest we have available: the dreaded and greasy “fastfood ”.

The planning and the elaboration of food implies ordering and washing the dishes, which can cover most of the time that is available weekly, but if we focus on this activity being carried out in a single day, it could generate a great saving of time, especially if we create a strategy to prepare easy, simple and nutritious foods; This can significantly simplify our time and avoid making last-minute decisions that can generate more stress and waste of time.

And how can we achieve it?

  1. Plan a weekly menu: Take a paper and make a menu per week, something like a “planner ”, write lunch and breakfast options; Remember to also include healthy side dishes to accompany meal times, such as vegetables or fruits, and also include what you will eat during snack times. For my part, I recommend oilseeds, such as: nuts, almonds or peanuts.
  2. Make a shopping list: To be able to cook in advance it is necessary to go to the supermarket, you will practically do it only once a week, but this will save you time the other days, since it is common to go more than one day to the supermarket when you do not have an organization. In addition, if you enter the market with clear ideas of what you have to put in your cart, you will save a lot of time, instead of thinking about each of the aisles, distracting yourself and buying unnecessary and not very nutritious things, but as you already have A weekly menu, this task will be very easy.
  3. Cook in advance on your rest day: The suggestion is to use your day off for this activity, since you will have enough time to make food for the whole week. You just have to find a space where you are free (possibly it will be Sunday afternoon) and you can dedicate it to yourself. Do it especially fun, that is not any heavy obligation. Take the opportunity to listen to your favorite music or do the preparation together with your children or some other family member. Prepare a drink, fruit or vegetable to your liking, this will help you avoid the pecking of what you are preparing.

As a tip, always have previously disinfected vegetables and those that can be chopped in advance will save you time; Do not forget to include this food group in your meals.

Image: UNAM Global

Also buy glass containers to store food in the refrigerator, this to avoid bad odors and that permeate your appliance, likewise, do not forget to close them well.

But why cook for the whole week?

  1. Save time: If you spend only a day or two a week to organize your food, the leftover time will be all yours, imagine how convenient it would be to get home hungry and be able to have the food ready in a few minutes.
  2. No you will have to be scrubbing pots, casseroles and pans every night, you just have to wash the dishes and cutlery.
  3. You will have everything ready to take to the office and will not be improvised options.
  4. Have a menu organization It will make you follow a discipline in your diet. You will have a clearer idea of ​​everything you eat and how bad you stop eating.

The key to success

Be aware that at the beginning it will take a little time to organize, but with the constancy you will see that it will be something very practical and you will find the tricks that fit your needs.

Remember that a successful entrepreneur needs a complete, varied, sufficient, safe and balanced diet, this to have a better performance in their activities and stay healthy, but for this, it is necessary to have organization in this aspect.

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