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6 reasons to experience the temazcal

23 September 2019

The word temazcal comes from Nahuatl temazcalli and means "steam house". The temazcal is a steam bath that has been widely used in Mesoamerica for millennia, for therapeutic and hygiene purposes, it is also accompanied by rituals since there is a symbolism of purification, not only of the body but also of the soul and spirit.

The reason why the temazcal is shaped like an igloo or cave is because it represents the womb of our mother, because according to pre-Hispanic beliefs, we are reborn, do not get so excited, it is not like we are going to leave as Leo DiCaprio, In addition there are no bears in this ritual.

  1. Goodbye stress. The relaxing effects will help people who have trouble falling asleep, they will forget the tensions that they carry with them, because it acts on a psychological level allowing us to feel peace with ourselves. Upon leaving I promise you will have no trouble sleeping.
  2. Which sinusitis? Not only cleanses and decongests your paranasals but it will also serve as a natural treatment for conditions such as asthma, rhinitis, flu, bronchitis and sinusitis, this because of the smoke of healing oils that are thrown to inhale them in the steam. The purification of the respiratory tract occurs instantaneously. A good option to get rid of that smog that we bring in the lung.
  3. Baby skin Within the temazcal the 50 degrees are reached, this causes the tissues of your skin to be regenerated, as well as to clean your pores, eliminating any impurity in our face. You don't get that facial at the best spa.
  4. Detoxify yourself! Thanks to sweat we can purify our body, since we eliminate toxins, uric acid, we burn skin fats (acne), arthritis is relieved and kidney function benefits.
  5. Get rid of those ugly varicose veins. The effect of the high temperatures together with the boiling of fresh water is achieved greater movement in the circulatory system, this way the problems of varicose veins are corrected as well as the numbness of elbows, knees, hands and feet. It is also recommended to relieve high or low pressure. So you know, don't spend more on those catalog creams anymore.
  6. Take a relax. The relaxation of the muscular system will be favored by the effects of the temperatures and healing oils of the medicinal plants used. Take advantage if you bring a contracture.

Remember that it is important to keep our traditions alive, even better when they are beneficial to health. Dare to experience such ancient ancestral practice and help preserve the temazcal.

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